Our History

BPIS Tower, 88-Story, Jakarta, 1996

PT International Design Consultants was fully registered in Indonesia in 1967 as a foreign investment company (PMA).  Its articles of association permit it to operate in the fields of architecture, engineering and project management.  In that capacity, PT IDC in 2017 celebrated 50 years of offering quality professional services executed across a wide range of projects for both international and local clients.  

In 1996 the company formed an association with a financial partner, who was appointed to undertake Menara BPIS for and on behalf of the Government of Indonesia directly under President Dr. B.J. Habibie.  The project involved full feasibility studies, full urban infrastructure investigation, international marketing, business planning and all aspects of successful project realization.  Menara BPIS was to be not only the tallest building in the world at that time, but also the most technologically advanced.

The entire exercise showed how concentration on project realization was the key value for architecture, engineering and project management services.

Company Registration No.: AHU-0015021.AH.01.02 TAHUN 2020, Tanggal 08 July 2020 and AHU-0034946.AH.01.11 Tanggal 20 Feb 2020.

Business Registration Number (NIB) 0220300212141

KBLI No 71101 Architecture and No. 71102 Engineering and Technical Consulting

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